Course Descriptions

  • Cosmetology Training Program $13,000

    This Program Is For Individuals Who Want To Become Licensed Cosmetology Professional.

    1500 Required Hours Students Receive Foundational And Introductory Theory Instruction And Training In The Following Areas:
    Orientation, General Sciences, Hair Care Skin Care, Nail Care, And Business Skills.

    Upon Completion Of The Required 1500 Hours And All School Requirements The Student Will Be Eligible To Take The Virginia Cosmetology State Board Exam.

    Available Sessions:
    Full-Time 30 hour per week / 6 hours per day (9 AM to 3 PM)
    Part-Time Level 1 at 15 hours per week / 5 hours per day Monday, Wednesday, Friday (4-9 PM) or
    Part-Time Level 2 at 10 hours per week / 5 hours per day Monday & Wednesday (4-9 PM).

    Admission Requirements:
    *Must be 18 years of age
    Must pass required entrance exam
    Meet all payment obligations
    Flexible payment options and Financing available.

  • Cosmetology Apprentice Instruction Program $2,500

    This program is for individuals who want to become licensed cosmetology professionals.
    150 required hours Students receive foundational and introductory Theory instruction and training in:
    Orientation, general sciences, hair care skin care, nail care, and business skills Practical hands on skill training is provided in preparation for the state board exam.

    Upon completion of the required 150 hours and all school requirements the student will be eligible to take the Virginia cosmetology state board exam.
    *Program Class Schedule Options* Class schedule time is determined at time of registration
    *Admission Requirements*
    Must pass required entrance exam
    Meet all payment obligations

  • Cosmetology Instructor Program $3,300

    This program is for licensed cosmetologists who want to become a licensed cosmetology instructor.

    330 required course hours include

    1. Training in Leadership
    2. Methods of Instruction
    3. Classroom Management
    4. Integration of Technology in the Classroom
    5. Lesson Planning
    Student teaching is a required part of the program. Completion of the program will meet the Virginia DPOR requirement for instructor certification. All course supplies are included. Flexible cash payment options and financing are available.

  • State Board Refresher/Exam Prep Course $2000

    Length of course - 6 months maximum time

    The primary purpose of this course is to prepare students to take the Virginia Cosmetology State Board Exam who are in the following categories:

    1. Must retake exam for initial licensure
    2. Must retake exam for reinstatement of existing Cosmetology license

    Theory instruction and hands on training and preparation for the written and practical portions of the state board exam are provided during this course.

Request for Program Consultation

We offer multiple payment options for enrolling students. In house pay as you go. Invoicing with options to apply for financing with PayPal Credit and Sweet Pay. We accept all major credit cards.

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